The Union of Web Design and Search Engine Optimization

Our process works because we connect the relevant aspects of web design, content, and SEO to match your specific goals. It is more than just building a website. We learn about your business, what it offers and who your customers might be. We challenge you to see your website with the eyes of your customers and the logic of search engines.

We have done this for small companies of just a few employees. We have done this for larger companies with 500 employees. After 15 years of creating and managing the day-to-day operations of many websites we have a clear understanding of how the World Wide Web is changing and what it takes to make a website perform.

Why so many business websites do not work.

For small- to medium-size businesses, a website can seem like a distraction that does nothing to attract new customers. Their websites were built with old or flawed ideas of how a website should look and how its contents work. Sadly, many companies see their website as an IT problem. They confuse the Web as being only about technology, instead of being a powerful communications tool.

Most important is the misunderstanding of how marketing works through Web search. (Hint: it is not like anything you learned in school.) This is where we bring valuable knowledge and experience to every stage of the website creation and management process.

The result is usually a website that lists the products and services like a PowerPoint slide. So search engines are forced to work too hard to get the right understanding. From the search engine point of view, if another site explains it better — they will get a better ranking.

How we make websites that work.

We start with the content first and map it to how customers are searching. With search as a fulcrum we expand the content to better reach both human visitors and search engines. Along the way the visual design is created that will reinforce the message for our target audience. It seems simple when you read it here. It is not. It requires a process that forces both of us to think a little more creatively about topics that are often very boring. But the results can be amazing.

We take care of the technical aspects of your website as well. We have created an excellent framework using well-known open source software that is preconfigured for most of the features a marketing oriented website will need. And it is ready to be customized to fit unique needs as well.

A better state of mind.

In the end you gain a website that is a strong contender in the battle for search ranking. You have a site that is easy for visitors to consume and helps them understand your offerings. We also make sure the site is working correctly. By analyzing activity statistics and search engine feedback we make sure the site is performing and look for opportunities for improvement. We are with you all the way.

We build and manage your website so it ranks well in search results and converts visitors to customers. Content, marketing, SEO, web design, web development. This is the combined context of all our website development. We think about it all day long. Working together we can build a better website for you.

To find out more about how we work, call Tom Davis at 214-363-8880 or use the contact form on the right side of this page.