Small and Mid Size Business Web Design

Small to mid-sized businesses fall into a gap area between big budget web design firms and do-it-yourself hosting options that do nothing to help you make your presence felt on the Internet.

Certainly, there are freelance designers and trusted relatives that can do good quality web design for a reasonable cost. But they are not usually oriented to how to make sure your content is evaluated well by search engines. Most sites we see built by "designers and relatives" miss the opportunities that deeper Web experience addresses.

We bring the skills in all three key areas of an effective website: proven technical skills, quality graphic design and an understanding of how websites are evaluated and ranked by search engines.

If your website is not found in search, it will not bring you new customers.

Our experience has shown us that most small and mid-size business managers simply do not understand how people use the Web or how search engines evaluate and rank websites.

You need someone who can understand your key differentiators along with the markets you serve. That understanding must then be can translated into a meaningful website that ranks well in search results and makes visitors feel like that came to the right place.

We live and breathe these concepts. It is what gets us up in the morning.

Read about some of our small business website successes.

We know what needs to be done and are sensitive to the budgets of smaller companies.

We put our focus where experience has proven get the most gains quickly. Working with you we measure the activity of your website and recommend additions and adjustments to foster more new visitors. We will also make recommendations beyond your website, like social media or location-oriented channels if they are appropriate.

Your business may not depend on your website, but why waste a channel?