Print Media Portfolio

Below are some of our recent Print projects. We show the project for our clients, but the story to the right is much more important to the success of each piece. These descriptions highlight a key aspect of the print project, but it is always just part of the whole story. Enjoy!

Executing Brand Identity


When Columbus underwent a rebranding campaign, they needed someone who could take a design agency's work and continue to produce collateral following the specifications and maintain consistency. At the same time, help move the branding forward by producing new campaigns that incorporate the branding elements without becoming too staid in their appearance.

As Beautiful as the Subject

Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh

We were approached by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh to help them produce a brochure for the St. Paul Cathedral. However, the only content they could provide to us were photos of the cathedral and it's interior. We took these basic design elements and used our copywriting expertise to help them design and produce a full-fledged brochure for the thousands of visitors of the building.

Unexpected Service From Urgent Requests

La Mesita Ranch

We had worked on the website for the owners of the La Mesita Ranch vacation property in New Mexico. When they brought up the topic of needing a couple of ads put together, we were able to quickly turnaround two separate ads focusing on different aspects of their property.

Design That Makes Sense

St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology

Some projects are trustingly left in our hands to apply the appropriate design. Through our previous work with the St. Paul Center for Biblical Studies, when they approached us to produce a marketing brochure from provided copy. We used our relationship with them to quickly hone in on a thoughtful and sensible design that worked for their message, saving time and money. We take our relationship with our clients to provide end-results that meet their criteria.

Creating A Brand From Scratch

RISC Insurance

We were initially asked by RISC Insurance to create a new logo for their company. The project was successful, and this in turn led to our being asked to produce a series of ads revealing their new branding. Then we helped establish the new design for their internal and external sales elements for the company. We are ready to tackle any project with an ever-evolving scope, from a tiny request to a larger multi-step process.

Focusing On The Finer Details

Worthington Direct

For a number of years we have produced the sales catalog for Worthington Direct, an retailer for school and office furniture based here in Dallas. The catalog is the lynch-pin in their business, used by both customers and the sales organization, so it is important that we have all aspects of the catalog be as streamlined as possible. This has included a number of redesigns over the years to help make the catalog easier to reference, and for their customers to find the products they need.

Sometimes It's Just About Having Fun

SouthWest Album Network

Sometimes, a project is nothing more than just having fun. For a number of years, the owner of the SouthWest Album Network (SWAN), a former PR agency that would market new music to radio stations, would put together a calendar for his clients. Each year he asked us to come up with a jokey theme, and we would take provided photos of his clients, and superimpose them into images that matched that years theme. One year it was band promotional photos, another was a high school year book. Another calendar saw his clients make it into the tabloids. It was all in good fun, and his clients looked forward to seeing what he did the following year.

Basic Design Elements

Multiple Clients

Over the years, we have been asked to produce a variety of logos. Both in replicating an establish brand guidelines, to creating logos from scratch. Whether you need someone to extend your brand, or create one, we are ready to meet your needs