Email Marketing

Email is sometimes called the original social media. While some have predicted its death, it is still a potent medium for communicating with your audience.

Email is a tricky marketing medium. Done right, email can be inexpensive and very effective. Yet it is easier to create more ill-will with a single email than any other medium, except maybe telemarketing. Its long history of abuse often causes your email campaigns to disappear into junk folders without even a whimper. No other media has so much defense infrastructure in place.

So... how do you build a good list? How do you find prospects with email? How do you get people to read your email? These are constant questions with constantly evolving answers. We can help you find a strategy that fits your audience and value proposition. And we can manage the implementation of that strategy.

List sourcing, list building and maintenance are important, but design plays more important role. Most marketing email is over designed and under evaluated. When your campaigns lose relevance to your market, people opt out, or worse, mark your email as spam. (That is more serious than you probably realize.)