I was (color) blind, but now a see (color).

by Tom Davis

How does an adult react when they see red for the first time in their life?

Who knew? Eye glasses that can help the color blind see the colors they have been missing. This video from Valspar paint shows how 3 people react to seeing colors they have been missing their entire lives. The video lives on this Valspar microsite.

Color is used in design to evoke emotion, but the reactions in the video were way beyond what a designer ever hopes to get. The displays of color used in the video are also very interesting.

I saw this in a Facebook post from Pantone — they’re kinda big when business gets down to color. If you want to add a fun bunch of posts to your Facebook feed, look them up. The glasses come from Enchroma. Amazing.

Also interesting is a blog post by noted personal computer columnist David Pogue about trying various glasses for the color blind.