Hi {insert girder},

by Tom Davis

Big Data: 1 and Real Customer Engagement: 0

Email marketing mistakes happen all the time. But they become extra special when they come from the very people telling you how much better you can do with their products. The email below came to me personalized. But my name is Tom. These guys know it, I am on their list because I have contacted them before. I also work with one of the products.

If you are trying to engage me as a customer, why not listen when I call? You can probably surmise that I am not a big fan of this company, but at least now I know the feeling is running both ways.

The really funny thing is that recent analysis from a company I really trust on email issues shows that "personalization" of emails (that is using a persons name in the email) may not be all it is cracked up to be.

The most classic email marketing mistake