This Is Not Your Father's SEO

by Tom Davis

7 Minutes of Clarity on SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is so misunderstood that I find myself talking about it over and over. And not in a good way. Usually I am trying to explain why I do not believe SEO is a singular task on a website. It is the core of the website. The coding and design of a website is important and sometimes difficult. But without the bigger effort of content development in the context of search engines and understanding your audience you might as well not bother.

Few of us can survive on the Web because we are just so darn unique. If your offer is so unique that you do not need to consider writing for search, I am jealous.

If you are tempted to relegate your content and search strategy to the back burner, please watch this video.

This guy does does a marvelous job of presenting a typical argument about SEO and lays out how that fits into the Web landscape we live in today.  He does not directly say this, but he shows various levels and possibilities that are the parts of SEO. Most of us could never afford all of the things he illustrates — but we better ante up the table stakes and play our hand as best we can. Otherwise we might as well fold on the Web. I love the gambling metaphor, it is in reality what all marketing is like. You try to control everything but sometimes your competitors toss in a monkey wrench.  This video is 7 minutes... and worth your time.

This is from the website which is a great source for all things SEO. This video is from the "Whiteboard Friday" series.